The Finance Director of a national logistics, warehousing and courier firm is looking back at his time with the firm, after five years of working to build solid foundations.

The NX Group has warehouses in Northamptonshire covering nearly 100,000ft2, plus a fleet of vehicles that deliver bespoke services across the country, and Finance Director Russell Powell has used his commercial financial background to help the company achieve a secure position.

“From working for a major bookseller and retailer, I had a fair bit of experience working in a large, complex organisation,” explained Russell, who joined in August 2013, “and from this grounding I have set up systems that will stand this company in good stead.”

Russell, from Leicestershire, runs the company with his brother Neil Powell, Managing Director, and was invited to join by their father Michael Powell, the Chairman.

“I was a bit apprehensive at first,” recalls Russell, “as it was a major step for me, and a lot of responsibility, in terms of our many staff, and important clients. Five years on however, we’re now looking to take the business to the next level.”


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