What does in-transit damage cost your business each year? We suspect for some the cost is incalculable, whereas others may just write-off the costs. Although some damage may be covered by insurance, the actual cost is far greater and costs UK businesses millions of pounds each year.

Problems usually occur once goods leave the warehouse. Until your goods reach the end user, it’s out of your control and any number of things can occur including repeated or bad handling, movement of goods in transport caused by potholes in the road, speed bumps, wind and rain, or simply the overstacking of boxes – the list goes on.

Damaged goods, damaged relationships

When it comes to the actual costs associated with damage, they usually far outweigh the cost of the damaged goods. In addition to the cost to replace the goods, the administration costs, re-packaging costs and re-shipping costs, there may be compensation to pay to the customer and ultimately it may cost you the customer.

No-one wants to buy goods from a business that does not protect its goods sufficiently, regardless of outside forces.

For those with ecommerce businesses, they are more likely to be exposed on social media and we all know what bad reviews can do to a business. But whether you are shipping bone china or engine parts, the risks are still the same – if expensive engineered parts get damaged in transit, the cost of a contract could be on the line.

Eliminating the risks for good

At Pregis, one of the primary reasons for choosing our solutions is to reduce the in-transit damage issues that customers are experiencing. Packing goods with the right medium before they leave the factory, can significantly reduce in-transit damage and any associated costs.

One of the most effective packing solutions for securing goods inside the box is paper, yes paper! Our innovative systems convert 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper to up to 80 times its original volume, creating ultra-strong, flexible cushions that can be moulded around almost any type of product.

What’s even better is that the durable paper cushions are so strong that they firmly fix goods in place and prevent product migration inside the box, offering total protection regardless of whether goods are fragile items or heavy engineered parts. In addition, the paper cushions looks neat and tidy and are very easy to handle and recycle by the end user.

Take the protection test

Having worked with pretty much every kind of industry and every type of product, we know exactly what forces are at play inside a box and what solution will offer total protection whilst it’s on the road. In fact, we often prove this by carrying out a few surprising ‘drop tests’ when visiting new customers! We will demonstrate how the packaging firmly secures the goods inside the box, seal it up and then ‘accidentally’ drop the box, and often from height! Yes, it does sound extreme and customers might be a little shocked, but when we open the box up and they see that the goods are still exactly as they were packed, their smile says it all!

If you would like to take the protection test with your goods and reduce your intransit damage costs, you can book an appointment by calling 01438 740649. Or check out our product and packaging videos at www.pregiseu.com.

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