The loading bay has long been considered one of the most dangerous areas of the warehouse. While eliminating danger entirely is not possible, equipment with designed-in solutions can play a significant role in minimising risk. Hörmann’s loading bay range features some of the latest technology available to assist with improving safety.


In busy warehouses where operations need to be both safe and fast moving, Hörmann’s intelligent docking systems with built-in sensors are proving to be increasingly popular. Benefitting from built-in sensors that recognise the position of a vehicle, these systems can be connected to traffic light signals to warn the driver of the distance between the rear of the trailer and the dock buffers.

Control systems can also be programmed to ensure vehicles load, unload and move in the correct sequence. For example, a selection of Hörmann’s systems prevent the door from opening until the vehicle is properly docked and the wheel chocks are securely in place.

Dock levellers are equally valuable for reducing loading bay hazards and an anti-twist platform is one functionality worth looking out for. This will help to compensate for any lorry tilting when loads are unequal, reducing the chance of slips or falls. Similarly, the lift mechanism of the dock leveller can improve stability. Hydraulic platforms with two or more legs will offer more stability than single lift designs, and will bear uneven weights more securely.

While high-quality equipment and the latest technology can significantly reduce risks, malfunctions and downtime can be reduced further by investing in a service and maintenance package from a respected manufacturer. Regular service schedules will ensure that equipment is up to scratch and should flag up any potential problems before they become safety hazards. These inspections are often the most cost-effective way to avoid costly call-outs.

Hörmann offers maintenance and repair on any industrial door, not just its own equipment. The company’s maintenance packages all include a 24 hour call-out service, and with a rapid response service available as well, its engineers can be on site within two to four hours, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Companies that take out a service and repair contract with Hörmann will also receive up to 10 per cent off Hörmann replacement parts and labour.

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