Cloud vendor Matillion helps Samuel Grant deliver new disruptive service

nano-RJF_7910-02[2]Leeds based packaging company Samuel Grant Group Ltd. is using Big Data and the ‘Internet of Things’ technology to offer an innovative new approach in a very traditional sector selling industrial packaging as-a-service. In the first-of-kind application, customers can use packaging on a pay-as-you-go basis using the internet-enabled ‘Samson Nano’ pallet wrapping machine and a solution built on business intelligence software from cloud vendor, Matillion.

This disruptive new offering is resonating with customers who are now able to avoid the high financial outlay of purchasing a modern packaging machine as well as simplifying inventory management and the purchasing of consumables.

The Samson Nano industrial packaging machine takes advantage of the very latest packaging film technology and the on-board internet-enabled sensor means customers only pay for the product they use. Matillion’s cloud-based analytics software provides detailed reporting for Samson Nano customers enabling them to monitor their usage and their monthly spend. Billing is also automated using the software, streamlining the whole process.

“The Samson Nano is a great example of the “internet of things” happening today in a real life industrial environment. The pallet wrapping system is the first in the industry to be internet-enabled, reporting back usage and status in real time to the Cloud where it is analysed and made useful for customers by Matillion’s BI software. The innovation behind the Samson Nano would not have been possible a few years ago before the availability of reliable sensors on the machines, sophisticated analytics and reporting in the Cloud, which can be integrated together simply and cost effectively,” commented Andrew Grant, Managing Director, Samuel Grant Group Ltd.

“Businesses of all sizes want to use modern Cloud technology to disrupt industries. Samuel Grant’s innovation with the Samson Nano encapsulates how the powerful combination of a little vision, with Cloud technology and internet-enabled devices can completely shake up even the most traditional of industries,” commented Matthew Scullion, Managing Director of Matillion.

Matillion’s “software-as-a-service” technology gives companies tools to analyse business operations including sales, pricing, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and operations, as well as ‘Big Data’ applications such as sensor data. Crucially, the product can be fully implemented in as little as four to six weeks and without the need for a complex IT project, making innovative, fast-to-market applications a reality for businesses small and large.

Samuel Grant Group Ltd was established in 1891 by Samuel Grant. The business has remained in the family and is now run by his great grandsons, Andrew and Matthew Grant.

The company offers a full packaging consultancy service to clients, from sourcing products to contract packing. Their focus is ensuring that clients get the right services in the most cost effective way.

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