The conundrum faced by logistics, shipping and manufacturing personnel are very similar – how to ensure that your product, be it a small widget or huge piece of equipment remains in pristine condition ready for use post storage or despatch?


Toorak are acutely aware of the problems associated with short or long term storage, shipment, Work In Progress and returnable assignments and offer an array of packaging products and solutions to address these.

Richard Hancock, Toorak’s Managing Director commented, ‘We have a wealth of packaging experience and have offered advice and support to many well-known businesses including JCB, Siemens, Intel and Alstom. Our experience is spread across automotive, aerospace, and energy companies all looking to achieve the same net result, and that is protection of their asset against problems such as corrosion or rust.’

He added, ‘Most often when we first meet prospective users they aren’t aware of INTERCEPT and have been using more traditional packaging materials that aren’t fit for purpose. We’ve seen countless containers of components stored outside that are literally rusting away. With a degree of education we are able to demonstrate the many cost and time saving benefits of INTERCEPT. I don’t know of a project yet where using this material hasn’t been significantly advantageous to the client.’

INTERCEPT Technology™ is available in sheet form, bags, shrink wrap or a woven material, so depending on the application Toorak have a solution that will provide robust and secure protection against corrosion and ESD damage during transit and storage. The product is guaranteed for long-term protection (more than 10 years), works within a broad temperature range -35?c to +80?c and is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly too!

Its oil free properties negates the need for cleaning and have made it the product of choice for many automotive companies wishing to protect, store or ship products including disc brakes, gear boxes, engine blocks and other components.

The applications are wide and varied. Recently it was used to shrink wrap 3.5 metre subsea trees bound on their journey from Scotland to Nigeria as part of the Egina Total offshore project. Siemens are using bespoke Intercept woven bags to package, protect and transport turbine engines around the world.

Aside from INTERCEPT, Toorak’s product range includes plywood boxes, pallet collars and desiccant with staff qualified to conduct packaging audits to help drive cost and labour savings.


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