Kite Packaging, the UK’s leading packaging distributor, has launched a new range of highly competitive gummed paper tape dispensers for their online customers.


The new range of machines has been bought to market by the business after they noticed a significant increase in gummed paper tape’s popularity, and identified a need for more economical choices of dispensing.

The key advantage of using gummed tape over polypropylene is that it is suitable for both ambient and cold temperature environments, and provides a super secure seal that does not easily peel away. The natural starch adhesive, which is activated by water, is a hygienic way of packaging food items, and the natural paper carrier also means it is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Kite has launched two new systems on their website to use with gummed paper tape, which work by applying water to the tape as it is passed through the machine.

The first of the new machines, a manual model, is a compact system at a competitive price of just £249. It has an extra-large water chamber to reduce down time and can dispense lengths of up to 42 inches. The dispenser has been positioned as an entry level model that can be used continuously, it is simply activated by using an adjustable slider to set the length and a lever to release the tape required.

Kite’s electronic model is even more advanced, with a warming plate to heat the water and create an even stronger tack. Its user-friendly control panel allows you to choose from 30 different lengths, and dispenses at an impressive rate for high volume use.

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