Industrial safety specialist Castell has developed a data-gathering and analysis device to maximise loading dock efficiency. Salvo™ DockMonitor combines the Salvo™ safety system, a data-gathering device and a live graphical interface running on a PC to display overall site performance or individual dock statistics.

The system’s report function generates graphical reports on dock use, loading times, idle times, shift-to-shift comparison and maintenance. This information can then be exported to a range of standard file formats for further review and analysis.

Salvo™ Dock Monitor has been designed to enable loading operations to run more efficiently by providing crucial information in real time. Increasing efficiency at the loading dock cuts costs in terms of reducing the number of loading docks required in a facility and ensuring assets are used as economically as possible.

Modern logistics is a high-pressure industry. Increased fuel costs, congestion, tight delivery schedules and safety are all issues facing distributors and manufacturers in a highly competitive market. When capacity is tight, the cost of installing an additional loading dock can run in to tens of thousands of pounds. Having staff and assets sat waiting for docks to become available during busy periods can also prove highly expensive.

Jason Reed, global Salvo™ business development manager, commented: “Salvo™ has been an important development in loading dock safety and has been implemented on thousands of loading docks worldwide. Salvo™ DockMonitor now adds a second dimension. Not only can customers be sure their site is safe, they can drive real efficiency through the loading process in a safe manner using real-time information. In operations where time is crucial and capacity is limited, Salvo™ DockMonitor will make a big impact.”

Paul Marks, Castell’s NPD director, explained the development process. “Building a tool like this has to involve the customers from an early stage to ensure the right information is delivered in the right manner. We have worked closely with our customers to ensure we have fully understood their requirements and the pressure their environments bring. Increasing efficiency at the loading dock can bring big rewards, such as reducing the number of loading docks required in a facility and ensuring assets are used as efficiently as possible.”

Castell Safety International Ltd

Jason Reed

Tel: 020 8511 1865


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