Hoppecke Industrial Batteries Ltd

Hoppecke are a family owned company who promote energy and carbon savings as well as safe handling and battery management systems. They are family run and as well as focussed on quality they give their employees the opportunity to develop their business and their own career without interference.

What brought you to this industry?

As a manager with a automotive parts supplier I believed batteries were fitted to cars and lorries so when I found out about Motive Power Batteries within Materials Handling equipment it not only surprised me it also excited me.

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

The variety of industries and problems which I am able to help customer find solutions for.

Who inspired you most in your career?

I worked for a guy 20 years ago called Mike Butters who changed me from a fairly stubborn closed minded Scotsman and taught me to look and think outside the box. He also convinced me to move to Yorkshire. A move I will never regret.

If you were an item in a warehouse, what would you be?

I would be a light switch as my whole career has been directed towards lighting up and showing people better ways to achieve things.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?

Nothing. I have really enjoyed my 34 years in the industry and have developed at a speed which suited both me and my customers. My ability to spell could be improved but spell check helps – good old Microsoft.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work?

When checking a battery many years ago I accidently sprayed battery acid in a customers eye enforcing a quick response which was to push his head down a nearby toilet and flush it to clean his face. I dont think he ever forgot me.

Who or what makes you laugh?

People who state the obvious without realising what they have said. My wife is particularly good at this.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a bit quick with a witty response and have done some after dinner speaking.

Who would be your favourite party guest?

John Cleese as we share a similar sarcastic sense of humour.

What is the greatest luxury in your life?

Precious time spent with my family – Oh! and hand pulled beer.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure?

Hand Pulled beer.

Do you have any secret ambitions?

To be able to play the bagpipes – 2 tunes would be enough as people get fed up after listening to 1 and a half.

What’s your dream holiday destination?

New Zealand – I spent a year there in 1974 and would love to go back.

What are your three favourite movies of all time?

The Longest Day, Carrie and Silence of the Lambs.

What is your favourite book of all time?

All Creatures Great and Small.

What’s your favourite pastime?

Throughout life I have always seen sport as a way to give you a thirst so having a beer with the boys after sport is probably my favourite pastime.

If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

I would buy a striker for Halifax Town FC. However if I got more than 3 numbers I am not sure. Bagpipe lessons and a sound proof room to practice in.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming into the industry (apart from “don’t do it”)?

Every day is a new challenge. If you don’t like challenges do something else.

If you would like to take part in this feature call 01923 272960 we have spaces available, to get involved call today!

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