Delivery routing software from Paragon Software Systems, linked with vehicle tracking supplied by TomTom, is providing a 21st century logistics solution to Wiltshire’s 137-year old Wadworth Brewery. The maker of 6X, The Bishop’s Tipple and Henry’s IPA beers is installing Paragon’s transport optimisation technology to automate delivery planning to 700 own-pubs and free-trade establishments across southern and western England.

“We chose Paragon based on its proven ability within the brewery sector. The software will help us to streamline our ‘Wadworthshire’ routes across our vehicle fleet – we’ll even include the deliveries completed by our shire horses, which I believe is a first for Paragon,” says Jon Grellier, Supply Chain Manager, Wadworth Brewery.

Wadworth is phasing in Paragon software to replace its manual transport planning. Initially, the brewery will use the system to review its current delivery strategy, model the most efficient routes and establish best use of its delivery fleet. It will enable the brewery to allocate optimal loads to vehicles, smoothing the workloads across the delivery team according to vehicle and staff availability and driver hours.

“The ability to review our delivery operation is critical as we are seeing strong growth in our free-trade business. We’ll be able to use Paragon’s Single Depot software to look at different delivery scenarios to help us to enhance our service levels. It also gives us the ability to allocate workloads fairly, reasonably and safely across the delivery team,” says Jon Grellier.

Paragon Fleet Controller will link the routing software to Wadworth’s vehicle tracking system supplied by TomTom in real time. This will allow the planning team to compare live vehicle movements against the transport plan, enabling fine tuning of the routes and schedules. Wadworth is also considering using the system to provide arrival time updates to customers. Strategic use of the software will begin immediately, with the brewery aiming for complete automation of its transport planning by late summer 2012.

“The software will help us to maximise the use of the fleet through dynamic planning of delivery routes and schedules. It will allow us to predict and measure our delivery performance because we’ll be able to track the vehicles and delivery crews in real time and compare the data against the plan. The live information will give us a clearer picture of when the vehicles will arrive at the customer sites, which means that we can pre-advise them of their deliveries,” says Jon Grellier.

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