The new HFB fork lift barrier is the latest loading bay safety innovation from Hörmann. Available with new dock levellers, the barrier comprises solid bolts that protrude from the platform when the leveller is in the parked position. Only when the leveller is activated do the hydraulically operated bolts recess.

The barrier not only stops lift trucks from driving through an open door, before a vehicle is in position and the leveller properly engaged, but also prevents accidental collision damage to the closed door.

The new device is linked to the leveller through the integrated control panel. As such it can be incorporated into the Hörmann Dock Control, a comprehensive safety control system for loading bays. This system links the loading door and dock leveller controls to proximity sensors and warning traffic light systems.

With Dock Control, a proximity sensor, embedded in the dock buffer, guides a vehicle onto a loading bay via the external traffic light system. Once on the bay a wheel chock, also with integrated sensor, needs to be correctly positioned before the loading bay controls will operate. Only when a truck is docked securely on the bay can the dock leveller be operated, releasing the HFB fork truck barrier.

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