Fleet telematics expert, TRACKER, has today unveiled its next generation of fleet tracking solutions, reinforcing its position as an innovative and ambitious player in the marketplace. TRACKER Fleet is a completely re-engineered product which, crucially, has been designed following a comprehensive consultation programme with TRACKER’s existing fleet customers, as well as potential users of fleet telematics.

TRACKER Fleet was launched at the impressive headquarters of one of its fleet tracking customers, Red Bull Technology. The TRACKER team was joined by Red Bull Technology, together with mapping partner Google and long time customer Northgate Vehicle Hire, as the latest functionality, power and benefits of TRACKER’s latest fleet telematics solution were revealed.

One of the first to bring fleet telematics benefits to market in 1999, TRACKER remains at the cutting edge of tracking products. TRACKER’s new offering incorporates important features such as its unique patented Transient Voltage Detection technology. This detects electrical noise to more accurately determine when an engine is running and eliminating false ‘idling’ readings, a concern prevalent in many of today’s alternative offerings. It also examines driver performance, a growing trend in fleet monitoring, and boasts a flexible reporting suite that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each of its customers. TRACKER Fleet even offers battery powered modules to ensure assets which have no built-in power supply, such as mobile units and trailers, can be monitored.

Explains Stephen Doran, Managing Director for TRACKER: “Before we started on re-engineering our proposition we wanted to have in-depth conversations with our customers to ensure that what we developed would actually meet their needs now and in the future. As a result, we realised it was time to overhaul our existing offering, both from an architecture and interface point of view. The result has been the creation of a powerful fleet tracking tool that is far more flexible than before and can be easily customised by our users.”

Users of TRACKER Fleet can set their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are then featured on their own customised dashboard. These include confirming whether vehicles are exceeding daily mileage allowances or exceeding speed limits. Vehicles can be arranged by groups according to use, such as sales, service or by region or depot, and can have identifiers added to them, all of which can be easily modified by the user.  Layers of information about a vehicle and the driver can be opened at the click of the mouse, including job status, replays of vehicle journeys and location on alternative maps. The user can even send the driver a message through TRACKER Fleet.

Advanced Google Map features such as Street View, which provides images of the location to help drivers pinpoint destinations, are also incorporated. Fundamentally, TRACKER Fleet can easily integrate with a business’s existing fleet routing and scheduling software, as well as packages such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring it effectively supports all day-to-day fleet management processes.

Concludes Doran: “TRACKER Fleet is under continuing development to ensure it addresses the ongoing requirements of SME customers operating a few vehicles, through to large organisations with a fleet numbering thousands. By implementing the latest technology we have been able to take advantage of significant cost reductions without comprising on performance, all of which has enabled us to provide a quality product at a highly competitive price. We are confident that our next generation of fleet telematics – TRACKER Fleet – will see our market position go from strength to strength as our customers recognise the benefits we can bring them.”

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