Having been trading since 1977, S & L United Storage Systems Ltd or United Storage Systems as the company is more commonly known, has evolved to meet the requirement of clients. United Storage Systems commenced as a supplier of racking and shelving systems, adding mezzanine floors to their product range in the 1980s.

Since then United Storage Systems has become a leading supplier of mezzanine floors on a nationwide basis changing from a racking company that did mezzanine floors into a mezzanine floor company that does racking. The company is now one of the few mezzanine floor suppliers in the UK?that actually manufactures the mezzanine floors that it sells. United Storage Systems has its own manufacturing plant in Haverhill, Suffolk, a factory of 26,000 square feet. Here the company produces the beams and columns required for mezzanine floors, plus the ancillary products, staircases, handrail and pallet gates that are frequently supplied with the mezzanine floor.

United Storage Systems has developed a large prestigious client base via personal recommendation rather than advertising, so may not be that well known in certain areas. The referrals that have aided the Company’s growth are attributed to the outstandingly high service levels that the company’s founder has always insisted on and still stipulates. Indeed, the whole foundation of the business is based on providing a first class service with quality products, quality and service being the key words.

For many years United Storage Systems have, as well as making normal warehouse installations, undertaken mezzanine installation in retail environments. These mezzanine floors have been complimented by feature staircases and feature balustrades, which are also produced in USS’s manufacturing facility. The feature balustrades often consist of glass and stainless steel construction, which looks attractive in most environments.

With the start of the self-storage industry in the United Kingdom, United Storage Systems was involved with the market leaders in that sector from their commencement, manufacturing and installing multi-tier mezzanine floors with multi-tier staircases and lift shafts. For the multi-tier mezzanine floors, United Storage Systems have gained a wealth of experience, with floors ranging between two and five tiers and with three and four-tier floors being installed on an almost bi-monthly basis. The Company’s own installers have the installation of these multi-tier floors off to a fine art, where the speed of installation is second to none.

The efficiency that United Storage Systems’ installation teams have developed with the self storage industry multi-tier mezzanine floors has naturally been incorporated into the installation of all their mezzanine floors to provide a fantastic service on all installations.

For the warehouse and distribution sector, any mezzanine floor requirements are easily satisfied by United Storage Systems. The company is experienced and happy to work with other suppliers, such as conveyor providers, to ensure a smooth installation of systems for clients. As previously stated United Storage Systems also provides all necessary accessories that compliment their mezzanine floors. As well as the staircases and pallet gates the Company also provides a full fire protection installation service and column casings.

It should be noted that mezzanine floor structures can also be adapted to create other structures such as plant platforms and loading platforms, so providing these products is also something that United Storage Systems can offer.

With 34 years’ worth of trading history behind United Storage Systems, you can be sure that all products are of required quality and that the experience of the directors and staff provides a service that clients wish for.

S & L United Storage Systems Ltd

Tel: + 44 (01)279 871787


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