has raced to pole position as a supplier to the motorsports industry following orders for its plastic containers from three Formula 1 racing teams.

Mercedes GP Petronas F1, Lotus Renault GP and 1Malaysia F1 Team  (also known as Lotus Racing) have ordered a variety of different products from including its large rigid pallet boxes and containers from the company’s Attached Lid and Euro ranges.

Mercedes GP has been using the plastic containers to ship catering goods and consumables to its racing drivers and team members at all the events they fly to on the F1 circuit. The team recently ordered the GoBox 1210 BBA pallet box with lids and GoBox 6300 AL attached lid containers in grey and black to match the team’s colour scheme.

Phil Cooper, Technical Buyer for Mercedes GP, said: “We chose plastic containers as they are robust but lightweight for shipping and don’t dent easily. We’re very happy with the boxes we ordered. MD Jim Hardisty was very professional and I’d happily recommend to others in the motor racing industry.”

Plastic containers offer a number of benefits for storing and transporting catering goods and consumables. Firstly, plastic is impervious to moisture, so if the boxes get wet, the contents will not be affected unlike some alternatives – like cardboard containers – which are not water-resistant. Plastic containers are easily cleaned either manually or with an automated system so they do not present any hygiene risks. They are also highly durable and can be used time and time again, sometimes for more than 10 years.

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