Manufacturer and supplier of hi-tech beauty treatments and skincare products, Crystal Clear International, is benefiting from reliable next day “Handled with Care” deliveries from APC Overnight. Crystal Clear Manager Julie Smith says that the ability to guarantee next day delivery for tens of thousands of high value parcels to customers is important to the business and has helped it grow its leading position in the beauty industry.

“By working with the local APC Overnight depot – APC Swift Despatch – we are able to provide rapid fulfillment of orders to salons and online customers throughout the UK. In addition, we are confident that our beauty treatment equipment will arrive in perfect condition and working order at our customers’ premises. Some of the machines can cost up to £10,000, while beauty products are worth as much as £110. We can’t afford to make mistakes and the APC service is an important link in our supply chain. We have worked with the local depot for more than 15 years and are very happy with the service we and our customers receive,” says Julie Smith.

Based in Liverpool’s historic Rodney Street, Crystal Clear’s products have featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, the Sun and The Times. Health and beauty editors for Grazia, Glamour, Top Sante, Yours, Fabulous Magazine and Esquire among many others have also written about the company’s products.

“Our products are in great demand; therefore, we have to be efficient in responding to orders. Our ability to do this keeps our customers happy. We use NetDespatch Velocity to help boost our efficiency with despatching orders on time. The local APC depot set up this system for us to enable us to book collections online. It also prints the shipping labels automatically. This system provides accurate tracking from collection and throughout the APC network to the customer. It gives us proof of delivery with signatures; this is helpful with answering customer queries should we ever need to trace a parcel,” says Julie Smith.

Crystal Clear has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of hi-tech beauty treatments and skincare products. Acne treatment medecines from Since its inception in 1995, Crystal Clear’s success has been built upon its commitment to the research and development of new skincare products and a passion for providing exceptional treatments that deliver outstanding results. The company provides beauty products to over 500 professional salons and has a growing online presence that serves customers throughout the UK and abroad.

APC Overnight

Steve Salt, Head of Sales & Marketing

Tel: 01922 702519

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