An innovation from Paragon Software Systems is helping to streamline many retail and other fixed route deliveries by integrating live vehicle tracking data with Paragon’s transport planning software. With operators looking to drive down transport costs, they are embracing the technology to boost efficiency.

Recognizing the efficiencies that real-time vehicle tracking embedded in Fleet Controller delivers to daily dynamic planning operations, the company has now also linked this functionality into its route management system, Paragon RMS, used by fixed route transport operators. This live data integration means vehicles can be tracked against the planned routes and re-scheduled during the day to reflect actual fleet activity. Using Paragon RMS with Fleet Controller, fixed route operations can improve both efficiency and customer service.

“Companies that have regular distribution patterns can benefit from using vehicle tracking to give them accurate real world information to help improve fixed route performance. This provides a powerful tool that enables transport operators to manage and make the most of day-to-day variations,” says Phil Ingham, Paragon Support Director.

“The software offers clear advantages for customer service. The live vehicle data allows pre-planned delivery times to be updated daily, enabling the transport management team to tell customers of changes. The system can also send automatic text or email messages to tell customers when the delivery vehicle will arrive,” he adds.

Paragon RMS stores the fixed routes, previously created by Paragon’s routing and scheduling system. Daily delivery volumes are downloaded from the customer’s business system (such as warehouse management, sales order processing or enterprise resource planning systems). The software checks the updated schedules automatically for feasibility and legality. The schedules are then adjusted to avoid any potential problems and further improve efficiency.

The system also provides performance reports for individual drivers and vehicles. This gives a bird’s-eye view of how the fleet is working and where improvements are possible.

“You can look at deviation to routes, on-time delivery records, and actual miles travelled versus the mileages held within the system. This innovative enhancement opens new opportunities to improve fixed route management,” says Phil Ingham.

Paragon Software Systems

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