Generix Group, a software vendor of Collaborative Business Solutions, announces the release of its new On Demand Transport Management System (TMS) solution. TMS On Demand is a Cloud-based logistics optimisation platform that provides crucial support for transport companies seeking to consolidate margins, reduce transport costs and inventory and increase service levels. The solution comprises three components:

– an information exchange portal for unifying communications between transport companies and their contractors

– support for the most powerful modelling and processing tools in transport management

– subscription-based pay-as-you-use service

With no IT management overheads TMS On Demand helps customers lower their costs and rapidly increase their performance.

Already PepsiCo France has selected the new system to optimise distribution of their drinks business (Pepsi, 7 Up, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton Ice Tea, Dark Dog, Mirinda, and so on) across France. For PepsiCo France, optimising distribution between its five warehouses and 1000 delivery points across France in a climate where the transport market and customer demand is constantly fluctuating is essential for sustaining business profitability.

“In 2009, we loaded 20,000 trucks (100 per day), equivalent to more than 50 million consignments,” says Jean-Raphael Hetier, director of logistics and sustainable development for PepsiCo France. “and we could not manage without a professional TMS.”

“Using TMS On Demand allows us to optimise our customer service because we know, in real time, the exact status of an order, whether it is being loaded, if the truck has left and so on,” he added. “We cannot afford to wait until the end of the month for the data to be analysed before we can react. The TMS will also allow us to optimise our loading by helping us to consolidate orders.”

PepsiCo France also views the TMS On Demand system as a tool to reduce its carbon footprint helping it to comply with its commitment to sustainable development: “The transport optimisation module will enable us to reduce the number of trips,” continued Hetier, “by maximising the loading of vehicles and reworking the entire transport plan.”

Another module facilitates the control of invoices and provides the opportunity to accurately forecast costs in the case of transport tenders

In summary TMS On Demand is saving PepsiCo on IT investments and corresponding maintenance costs. It also provides a platform that will provide an easy way of sharing our information with other logistics partners to optimise goods movements in the future. The successful transport systems of tomorrow will depend on platforms dedicated to this kind of unified information exchange,” concludes Jean Raphael Hetier.

Generix Group

Fernand Damotte

VP Strategic Business Development of Generix Group

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