A wicket door with trip free threshold is the latest safety innovation from Hörmann. Integrated into a sectional door the trip free threshold means that the door can meet the requirements for both disabled access and use as a fire exit.

Forming a lip of only 5mm, at the edge, the threshold strip is only 10mm high in the centre, reducing the risk of stumbling and allowing ease of access with trollies and other wheeled devices. Despite the slim design uneven floors can be compensated for by adjustable double seals on the stainless steel threshold. Both the sectional door and the wicket door have their own seals minimising heat loss.

Adding to the safe operation of sectional doors that have integral wicket doors Hörmann has patented the VL1-2 Leading Photocells. This leading edge device detects obstructions and reverses the door before contact is made. Another benefit of this new device is that it allows the door to operate safely at higher speeds than with the standard opto-electronic closing edge safety sensors.

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