X2, one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of mobile computing solutions, has announced the immediate availability of a new range of handheld computers. The X2410 and X2415 will deliver improved work flow and enhanced productivity in a wide range of retail and point of service applications such as mobile order-taking, ticket scanning, payment processing and inventory management.

These new Point-of-Service handhelds provide the highest level of usability and feature a 3.5” resistive touch, outdoor-viewable display. These are the first handheld devices to include a fully-integrated MSR, RFID reader and barcode scanner to speed up the data entry process. They will enable organisations to improve customer service and reduce costs by streamlining business processes.

According to Francis Davis, Sales Director of X2. “These powerful new handheld devices will enable customer service organisations to deliver on-the-spot order taking, payment processing and ticket scanning. They will enhance the way customers on the premises can be provided with a wide range of services and real-time information whilst helping to increase sales through instant up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.”

X2 new handheld devices are also the only handheld POS devices that include remote management software. This simplifies the management of multiple devices and is especially useful for large deployments such as in retail, restaurants, hotels and entertainment locations. They also offer full compatibility with terminal services as well as the new generation of server-based applications in an increasingly cloud computing-based environment.

The X2410 and X2415 have a unique, rugged design with an IP54 rating for liquid and dust resistance making them ideal for use in commercial, outdoor/field, warehousing, healthcare and hospitality environments. The X2410 features a fully-integrated magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and RFID reader whilst the X2415 also includes a barcode scanner which significantly enhances ease-of-use and reliability.

Both models feature hot-swappable batteries that support up to eight hours of use. Other features include programmable buttons, wireless networking and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as LED paging alert capability. Support for Microsoft® Windows® CE and Mobile 6 ensures compatibility with many third party applications.

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