The Sky-Trax range is an exciting new addition to the Harland Simon portfolio providing a range of real-time FLT tracking solutions to the warehousing industry. The system unlocks essential operational data on FLT utilisation by high accuracy tracking to enable the user to focus on improving efficiency and profitability. It is the ideal solution for busy warehouse operations with multiple FLTs and a high level of pallet movements. It can integrate existing barcode scanning or more significantly include automatic scanning of 2D barcodes or RFID tags and integrates to most WMS systems. Other benefits help you create a safer operating environment for employees and infrastructure.

Users of Sky-Trax typically operate multiple FLTs, have multiple pallet movements and operate several shifts. In all cases they report increased productivity of between 5 – 30%.

We’d like to help you discover the hidden profits within you warehouse operations – please visit our stand to see how.

Contact: Andy James

Tel:  01908 276752

mob: 07920 499352

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