Daifuku have been involved in developing automated materials handling systems for over 73 years and throughout this time have remained at the forefront of technological innovations. Their latest products testify to this such as Duosys, an ultra high speed mini-load, which is being highlighted by Daifuku on their stand at IMHX this year.

This highly resilient AS/RS technology can operate two cranes independently at high speed in the same aisle and to allow them to pass each other giving access to all locations. Recent significant orders for this product demonstrate its potential benefits to pharmaceutical and food industry sectors, but Daifuku predict a wide range of applications will quickly adopt this revolutionary technology.

Daifuku now has some 5,400 staff operating in over 20 countries around the world giving it an unprecedented access to current Automation concepts from all of these markets and making them a truly global integrator.

Jervis B Webb has been associated with Daifuku almost since its inception and they became a wholly owned subsidiary company in 2007. This has brought significant synergies to the combined organisation and added exciting new products to the Daifuku range. One of example of this can also be seen  at IMHX this year where the Webb range of smart cart AGV solutions is being profiled.

Smart Cart is a cost effective flexible system of guided vehicles which can be highly customised to provide a perfect delivery system to line side or even automatically load vehicles. A control system which is easy to configure and simple to modify brings the opportunity to automate within in reach of even the most modest of operations.

Daifuku & Webb believe that they have now successfully navigated the choppy waters of the recent recession and are once again set fair on a course of strong organic growth. This confidence is based on a growing order books and their focus on incorporating energy saving and power regeneration technologies in all major product ranges. With innovations such as counterbalance systems built into crane masts and regenerative motors as standard, customers can look to reduced utility costs as they justify their investments in these straightened times.


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