When Asda approached Hörmann to provide loading bay and door solutions for their Didcot distribution centre they had some very clear goals of minimising energy usage, in line with their commitment towards the environment, while increasing operational efficiency and maintaining their exemplary levels of safety.

Hörmann installed 57 loading bays with telescopic dock levellers, sectional loading bay doors with full panoramic vision panels, Hörmann’s self adjusting dock buffers and a trailer wheel lock system.

For the level access doors Hörmann developed the solution of a single high speed, insulated spiral door to replace the traditional two door solution of a high speed curtain door for daytime use, with a sectional outer door for night-time security.

The Hörmann high speed spiral door gives much better thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and gives the high levels of security needed. The non-contact guided roll-up technology allows these doors to operate at high speed with minimal wear leading to a longer service life. Coupled to the precision engineering for which Hormann are renowned all these aspects combine to give the efficient operation needed with on-going cost savings while also reducing overall environmental impact.

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