Whilst summer sunshine is still on everyone’s mind, people can often forget the chilling British winter will soon be upon us. In these tough economic times this could potentially be precarious. With fuel and energy costs set to continue to rise again this winter and all companies looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, organisations are faced with the tough challenge of not only reducing emissions but also conserving energy.

Arrow Industrial Group Ltd is hoping to alleviate some of the headache that this imperative issue will cause.

AIGL are the UK’s leading provider of instant seal door systems. They are at the forefront in product specification; providing clients with the ability to maximise energy management.

Arrow Group achieve this by installing sets of systems that interlink electronically, meaning as one door seals, the next door begins its opening cycle. These systems provide the best energy management possible and as a progressive and innovative company, AIGL are urging all businesses with door systems to think about energy management this winter.

Managing Director Neil Oliver said: “The cold weather season proves an expensive time for all companies in terms of increased energy bills. Now more than ever companies must protect product to reduce shrinkage as well as looking at the overarching issue of energy management. We are urging all companies with door systems to understand the huge benefits a Rapid Roll solution can offer.”

AIGL are synonymous for delivering cutting edge innovation and product development. ArrowRapid roll door systems are ideal for areas of high activity, with a curtain operating speed of up to 3 metres per second. It offers greater protection to external factors and environments for products, as the time taken to close the door system is almost instantaneous meaning weather, temperature change and external environmental conditions do not affect production.

The system also provides the highest possible level of staff health and safety, as in the case of the door system closing on a staff member or forklift, the cleverly designed curtain, which is made of a patented protected material, causes no injury and simply resets itself. Added to that the system is completely resealed in a matter of moments offering the best energy conservation on the market.

An  ArrowRapid roll door solution provides a robust door system for any forward thinking, cost conscious company. The financial benefits of energy conservation make this the only choice for any organisation trying to drive down energy costs. In a recent study done by one of AIGL’s large FMGC companies the following was found:

A door opening of 3m x 3m was studied with average outside temperatures of 17C in spring and autumn and 4C in winter with an inside building temperature of 18C.

The average cost to a company in terms of energy loss due to “open time on a door” would be £29,750 per year. However the average cost saving of an ArrowRapid Roll door was a massive £8673 per year! (based on no door being in situ at all.)

Managing Director Neil Oliver and his team are delighted to be working with so many big names in the industry and want to work with as many companies as possible to help combat the energy management issue. Neil said:“To help prepare businesses for the big freeze, we are offering all new enquires a streamlined, no obligation process for quoting, survey and installation. We realise that this is a key time of year and are hoping to work with the industry to help protect companies from a dramatic rise in energy bills as well as a significant improvement on wastage, product degradation and staff illness.

“All these factors have such a large overall impact on the workflow and running of an organisation, we feel now more than ever as we face another winter of economic uncertainty, companies must look to continue cost savings and above all reduce their carbon footprint.

“Smaller changes can also help. We have seen many customers increase their PVC curtain orders. This is to help control heat loss. Small steps do contribute towards the larger overall reduction in energy loss. Our expert team are able to provide advice and support to any organisation finding the best, most cost effective and time conscious solution available.”

Whilst the AIGL system is proven to be self funding in a short space of time, grants are available for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and the AIGL door system can be included as part of that grant application. AIGL are also able to help guide companies through the process of application.

For more information contact AIGL on 01482 228 202

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