palletlineIn 2008, palletised distribution specialist Palletline Plc identified as its key strategic objective ‘the drive to be the highest quality provider in the pallet network sector’.

Over the past two years, the organisation has invested heavily in the total restructuring of its operational model, creating an innovative and transparent facility designed to meet the evolving needs of the pallet distribution market.

Ongoing investment in IT continues to transform the way Palletline carries out its day to day business, significantly improving efficiency and commercial performance whilst innovating to drive the pallet network sector forward with the introduction of new and enhanced services for customers.

Palletline’s transformation has included the introduction of a new performance monitoring system which enables accurate and consistent measurement of performance levels across the entire network – the first time this has been achieved in this sector.

The metamorphosis has also allowed Palletline to address operational, cultural and technological issues impacting on customer service and eventual customer satisfaction at all levels, working from a basis of real time data and detailed information.

“Our objective has been to lead from the front in all areas of palletised distribution, from technology through to innovation, supporting our Member Companies in implementing strategies for change designed to further enhance Palletline’s reputation as the driving force in palletised distribution,” stated Managing Director Kevin Buchanan.

Since October 2009, Palletline Member Companies have been also able to utilise the company’s industry leading web-based systems to exchange freight on a ‘virtual’ basis, without physically transhipping through a hub, continuing to benefit from established advantages including full freight transparency and digital proof of delivery via Palletline’s advanced IT system.

palletline-_scanningAs a direct result, many Palletline Member Companies have increased capacity by sharing fleet resources, reducing empty running, improving cost effectiveness and providing improved service levels for end users.

The benefits are clear to see, both for Palletline Member Companies and for their customers. “We now enjoy complete visibility of freight from collection through to delivery, and can provide our customers with prompt and professional responses and information,” stated Robert Rushworth, Managing Director of Bradford-based Palletline company Expect Distribution Ltd.

Palletline is now providing a much broader, efficient and environmentally sound range of services into the marketplace, where the pallet network solution is just one component of a total package used by Member Companies and their customers, enabling these organisations to achieve greater return on investment.


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