gls-express-delivery-van_On the 1st of September, parcel carrier GLS Ireland launched its nationwide express delivery service. This product can be easily supplemented with various other GLS services.

GLS Ireland’s express parcel service can be used to get trade-fair brochures, urgent construction plans or last-minute samples weighing up to 30 kg to their destination by 17:00 the next working day – guaranteed! In many parts of the country a 12:00 service is also offered, meaning that goods can be delivered before midday. If necessary, delivery can be to a specific department or person within a company.

Always in sight

Consignors and consignees can track their shipments online at all times – in almost real-time. Information such as pick-up or delivery time is transmitted from GLS’ delivery vehicles directly to their IT system. On request, GLS Ireland can proactively inform a customer by e-mail or SMS of a consignment’s progress. GLS Ireland sends consignments via its own parcel network and their IT-based monitoring system ensures that all express parcels remain on schedule and arrive on time.

Express parcel services

The delivery charge includes insurance cover up to €350 – in line with the actual value of the goods. Higher insurance cover up to €3500 per consignment is available. Cash-Service – for cash-on-delivery transactions – enables customers to obtain payment for their goods easily and securely.

“We’re delighted that we’re now also able to offer our customers express parcel services with guaranteed on-time delivery via our reliable network”, says Swen Krueger, GLS’ Region Manager Germany East & Ireland. “And ‘guaranteed’ means if we don’t deliver the consignment on time, the customer gets the surcharge back.”

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