as-6cSafety barrier specialists A-Safe is working alongside leading international companies to provide first class safety systems helping to reduce workplace accidents and protect valuable assets.

Internationally renowned companies such as Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola operate high-traffic warehouses and manufacturing plants and have seen first-hand the benefits of the polymer-based safety barrier systems over and above steel equivalents by providing the strength and durability of steel, with the flexibility, and reduced maintenance of plastic.

A-Safe provide barriers for applications such as door protectors, height restrictors and ground level traffic barriers to help protect warehouse assets during loading and unloading – an important aspect of Workplace Health & Safety. HSE figures show that over the past two years there have been 3,827 major injuries to workers as a result of workplace transport accidents, with 117 workers fatally injured over the past two years as a result. Being struck by a moving vehicle accounts for more than half of all fatal transport-related injuries.

Loading and unloading can be particularly problematic. A high vehicle or a vehicle carrying a high load, colliding with an overhead pipe, duct or cable tray can be just as disruptive and expensive as impact damage occurring in ground level collisions. A-Safe height restrictors are ideally suited for use in prevention of high-level impact damage. Not only do they provide impact protection but will warn a vehicle driver or operator that his vehicle or load is too high.

tb1It’s Ground Level Traffic Barriers are ideal for guiding trucks and vehicles up to loading bay doors. Also used as wheel stops for articulated wagons. Low Level Traffic Barrier is used within the warehouse where FLT’s or equivalent vehicles have their body nearly touching the ground and therefore the perfect impact height. It will protect walls, building supports, valuable machinery and vulnerable equipment by repelling wayward vehicles. It offers real delineation of vehicles and clearly segregates traffic routes with a physical barrier that can be trusted.

Miguel Perez, Safety Environmental Manager at Kimberly Clark’s modern plant in Spain said: “When we were looking round for safety barriers, A-Safe was recommended to us. We’re very glad that we followed this recommendation, as the barriers have proved a real success.

“Apart from being simple and easy to install, they provide the highest standards of safety, with excellent durability and they have a smart, attractive appearance. Our workers and management team both really appreciate A-Safe, because they make them feel much safer now.”

pedestrian-barrier-external-18A Safe are the industry leaders in providing pedestrian and vehicle barrier systems using their patented and highly visible plastic systems which are tough, durable and can withstand impacts from factory vehicles of up to 304KN (this is the equivalent of a 3.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 10MPH with a direct head on impact into the barrier. The weight or speed of the vehicle can dramatically increase as the impact angle changes). All barriers have been certified BS6180 and BS6399.

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