new-imageThere is increasing pressure for transport and logistics companies to monitor compliance to ensure that the strict restrictions of the driver’s working time regulations are adhered to. Under current legislation, for example, drivers are only permitted to work an average of 48 hours a week over a 17 week period.

Transport companies are often busy monitoring the activity of their own permanent drivers which can mean agency drivers are overlooked. The responsibility to record and monitor legal working then lies with the agency. The alarming fact is that this can leave many organisations open and vulnerable to revocation of their O-License as a result of poor monitoring by unprofessional agencies.

Recognising this Encore Driving has developed an on line time management system that allows clients remote access to driver’s working time through a web portal providing absolute peace of mind that their contingent workforce is working legally.

“Compliance has to be a priority for transport companies.” states Kim Blackburn, Encore’s Senior Divisional Manager for Transport & Logistics “This innovative approach offers our client’s ‘real time’ access to a detailed working hours report, therefore ensuring compliance and added peace of mind.”

encore_driving“The system calculates the driver’s 17 week working time average including periods of unavailability and any work reported to us by the driver that is completed elsewhere. It then uses a traffic light system to clearly outline where a driver is about to exceed or has exceeded any working averages.”

For more information see, Kim Blackburn, Senior Divisional Manager, Tel: 07825 430297 Email:

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