gordon-leslie-distributionUnderlining the company’s planned strategic approach to strengthening the network, Palletline continues to enhance national coverage whilst maintaining a focus on Member Company profitability to combat recessionary trends. This month, a familiar name rejoins Palletline after an absence of more than a decade, reinforcing the service offering in and around the Glasgow area.

Gordon Leslie Distribution originally joined Palletline in 1996, leaving in 1998 when a change of ownership prompted a shift in strategy. Now, however, with the company back in family ownership, the opportunity to rejoin Palletline to cover the key Glasgow postcodes was an opportunity director Craig Leslie says he jumped at.

“As members of another pallet network, we were covering a much wider distribution area, which was less efficient from an operational point of view,” he commented. “We are already seeing close to double the volume coming out of Palletline, and because we now cover a tighter delivery area, we are able to manage this expanded business using the same number of vehicles.”

The decision to move to Palletline was also prompted by additional important commercial considerations. “Palletline is certainly now the leading pallet network in terms of its IT offering,” confirmed Craig. “This is particularly important for us strategically, with increasing numbers of customers putting us under pressure to provide legally compliant track and trace and digital signature capture. With Palletline’s latest investments in technology, we are now able to satisfy these requirements in full. As a result, we have a significant leading edge, with a number of new customers already in our sights.”

What’s more, Craig believes that early indications show that although the network has moved on considerably both professionally and operationally, Palletline has succeeded in retaining that essential community feel, reflecting the established values and commitment that continues to make a difference to service levels and overall quality.

Working with Palletline, Gordon Leslie Distribution anticipate significant growth in the order of 10-15% over the next 12 months. “We are targeting this figure in order to match and surpass current output volumes,” stated Craig.

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