scb-chambers-cookChambers & Cook Freight Ltd, providers of logistics and and transport solutions since 1925, have ordered 40 new curtainsider trailers from Schmitz Cargobull.

The trailer fleet will go into service with Chambers & Cook’s new unaccompanied trailer services division – Chambers & Cook (Eastern) Ltd.

Located at the Port of Immingham on the Humber Estuary, Chambers & Cook (Eastern) Ltd began trading on November 1st, 2009. The new company offers an unaccompanied trailer service from the North and Midlands to Mainland Europe. The port of Purfleet on the River Thames will service clients based in the South.

The new fleet of trailers features high security curtains, side boards and a TIR Cord making entry difficult and a deterrent to thieves.

To improve load security and stability while the vehicle is in transit, the trailers have been fitted with extra span set beams. Load stability is further enhanced by the use of additional internal straps which have been fitted to each of the 13 pairs of galvanized chassis d-rings within the trailer.

“Having built up a successful driver accompanied service throughout Europe over the last 85 years, we recognised the need in today’s economic climate to provide existing and new clients with an unaccompanied service and competitive rate structure,” says Chambers & Cook director Chris Blackburn.

The package supplied by Schmitz Cargobull includes full service support enabling Chambers and Cook to manage the cost of their fleet on a monthly basis..

“This is the first time we have bought trailers this way,” explains Chris Blackburn. “The package that Schmitz Cargobull drew up, means we have no variables in our trailer costs and the only additional expenses we will incur over the lifetime of the contract is for repairs to accidental trailer damage.”

Chambers & Cook Freight Ltd offer UK pallet distribution, exhibition services, European driver accompanied trailers, Contract distribution, world-wide airfreight and seafreight, and other complementary services.

The trailers were built on the recently completed multi-product trailer assembly line which is now fully operational at Schmitz Cargobull’s UK factory. The new integrated line allows both curtainsider and refrigerated trailers to be built simultaneously and is considered to be the most advanced multi product trailer production line in the world.

Schmitz Cargobull (UK) Ltd

Sarah Baggott

Tel: 01207 288432


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