aetna-ROBOPAC.jpgSharp Interpack invests in Robopac stretch-wrappers and sees £41,250 reduction in film costs in first 12 months. With over 40 years experience and a philosophy of investing in their business and in the future of their customers and employees, Sharp Interpack have become the UK’s number one manufacturer of Rigid Plastic Packaging to the fresh produce, baking, confectionery, meat, poultry, fish and ready meals producers. Add to this their strong environmental commitment it is no surprise that the company decided to investigate ways in which they could reduce significantly their impact on the environment.

Traditionally, Sharp Interpack’s palletised products were stretch-wrapped using an old style wrapping machine with very little lay-on force adjustment, which resulted in crushed products. To overcome this problem, Sharps were given a pre-stretch film to use but it increased costs.

Recognising this was not the most economical use of material or manpower, logistics manager Karl Traynor invited Aetna UK’s Mark Sharp to visit site to carry out a review and provide advice on the best machine for the specific application. Because Aetna doesn’t sell film, they have built up a reputation for providing genuine and unbiased advice rather than just trying to sell in a film dispenser.

Mark carried out a full analysis and comparison of the volumes of film used and the associated costs of the old style wrapper and those using the Rotoplat 506 PFS machine. This proved that by upgrading to the Rotoplat machine, Sharp Interpack would not only use less wrap at a cheaper cost, but they could also achieve a very light but secure wrap with no crushing. They would also save a significant amount of money and at the same time, reduce their packaging waste (LDPE).

Karl Traynor said: “The results shown were so conclusive that I couldn’t afford not to make the investment. The financial and environmental benefits were crystal clear. *Our investment in three Rotoplat 506 PFS pallet stretchwrappers will result in film cost savings of £41,250 in the first year with a payback period of 6 months.
“Mark did everything he said he would; the assessment was thorough and his explanation of his findings and suggested solutions were clear and concise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service and Aetna UK to others. After all, look what they are enabling us to save financially and environmentally!”

Aetna UK

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