Warehouses are typically designed to make the best use of available floor space to facilitate efficient storage, picking and packing. When considering the best system for your warehouse, study the available floor space, any underused or negative areas, and the specific product requirements such as cool or dry storage, and medium and long term needs. A warehouse racking system is a storage solution designed to stack materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. These systems can help you manage and better utilise your warehouse space. Some of the most common types of racking systems are: selective racking, pallet flow racking; case or carton-flow racking; drive-in racks; push-back racking; narrow aisle racking; and cantilever racking.

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Edward Hutchison, managing director of BITO Storage Systems suggests some key questions to ask when choosing a plastic container for transit packaging: is it available with a folding lid that can be secured with a lead seal? Can a delivery agent carry the container comfortably? How much will the container hold and, importantly, how much space will the empty container save when folded?

iForce are the UK’s fastest growing supply chain management business. The firm’s latest progression includes the investment in the UK’s first Exotec Skypod System, due to go live Q4 2022 at iForce House, an 800k sqft fulfilment centre in Corby. Supplied and installed by LAC Conveyor Systems Limited, the Skypod System provides scalable, future proof automation, which drives efficiency and sustainable operations.

PFERD-Rüggeberg S.A., a leading brand in grinding tool solutions for treating surfaces and cutting materials, has extended its logistics warehouse in Júndiz, entrusting in the industrial storage specialist AR Racking for the advice, design and installation of the warehouse extension. AR Racking has installed an adjustable pallet racking system in the 2,500 m2 warehouse, providing PFERD with a capacity for almost 3,200 pallets. Adjustable pallet racking (or selective racking) is a very versatile system and also allows immediate access to all the unit loads.

Leading vertical storage lift company Randex is introducing rental and leasing schemes for its range of Compact vertical storage systems: both include full technical support and maintenance for the life of any agreement. Under the scheme a lease can be converted into full ownership at any time after 24 months, converting the Compact system into an asset, while rental is available from as little as three months to handle seasonal spikes in demand. The latest version of the Compact system, built using its industry-benchmark automated vertical storage technology includes a modern HMI (Human-machine interface) touchscreen that is highly intuitive and can significantly increase operator speeds according to early feedback.

With the logistics sector set to keep growing in the years to come, it is essential that distributors use their warehouse facilities as efficiently as they can.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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