iForce are the UK’s fastest growing supply chain management business. For over 20 years, iForce have been entrusted by some of the UK’s biggest brand names, helping them maximise the potential of multichannel retailing through its supply chain and retail logistics services. Its continued investment in its Software and Automation has put them at the forefront of fulfilment and reverse logistics.

iForce’s latest progression, includes the investment in the UK’s first Exotec Skypod System, due to go live Q4 2022 at iForce House (800k sqft fulfilment centre in Corby). Supplied and installed by LAC Conveyor Systems Limited, the Skypod System provides scalable, future proof automation, which drives efficiency and sustainable operations.

At the beginning of 2021, Exotec announced ambitious objectives for the year. Among them, a revenue target of 100 million euros, as well as the launch of a business strategy more focused on the international market. Exotec ramped up its operations thanks to the successful partnership with a network of certified systems integrators, with the UK partnership, driven and controlled by Nottingham based Systems Integrator and Manufacturer, L.A.C Conveyor Systems Limited.

In recognising that process automation with AI enables your entire organisation to be always on, optimising operations and providing seamless business continuity. L.A.C Conveyor Systems Limited are proud to work hand in hand with Exotec in driving this intelligent system into the UK Logistics arena, with 2021 exposure of the system in the UK, being accelerated following the most significant supply chain disruptions of the modern era.

The Exotec Skypod System has formed the perfect addition to L.A.C Conveyor Systems “Automation Toolbox”, ensuring that L.A.C’s complete offering covers all logistical bases in the supply of Conveyors, Robotics, AMR and Goods to person/ASRS technologies. Allowing automation to do the mundane work and find more effective ways to get it done, freeing human workers to do more creative and important tasks.

L.A.C’s clients within retail, warehousing and distribution are facing the same challenges day in and day out, labour, space and throughput. And with the ever-evolving customer demands leading to increased SKU proliferation and the need to store a large variety of product ranges, presents automation challenges that the L.A.C team have the skill sets to address. L.A.C’s extensive knowledge and capabilities offer flexible, scalable, and bespoke solutions aiding their client’s transition to full or partial automation. This constant seeking to improve operations, works hand in hand with the capability of flexible, scalable automation which the Exotec Skypod System provides.

As an accelerant for change, this scalable solution easily supports business growth, despite market disruptions. It is evident that this Robotic system has transformed logistics operations within multiple business sectors across the globe in its unique offering of speed, performance, and flexibility, allowing businesses to provide leading services to their customers. It was only a matter of time that the UK jumped on board with iForce leading the way at its flagship fulfilment centre located in Corby.

A combination of passion for technology, successful installations and repeat business through the building of valuable customer relationships, driven from the focus of “clearly understanding our customer’s needs” has positioned L.A.C as a UK leader in delivering efficient, economical, and innovative technical solutions across the entire value creation chain. This along with building great partner relationships and introducing high performing agile solutions are overcoming the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s warehouse.


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