With the aim of making workplace injury a thing of the past, all members of the Association of Pallet Networks held a week-long safety focus, coinciding with World Health and Safety Day. APN stats show networks have driven hub incident rates down for the fourth year running. The event highlighted the main causes of injury, which include poor posture, poor load restraint, bad weather, poorly maintained kit and poor technique when fastening or releasing buckles. The Health and Safety Week will also address other common safety issues in logistics such as slips, trips and falls, working at height, and tail-lift safety.

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Vigo Software designed and implemented a number of technology solutions for Pallet-Track, which include Central Billing, an automated process of inter-depot pricing via centrally generated purchase invoices and self bills; Electronic Customer Paperwork (E Doc), a fully automated customer paperwork solution; PlanIT, a superb next generation planning tool and Long Range Depot Scanning, a fast, effective and accurate scanning platform. The Central Billing system resulted in simplified financial administration and mutually agreed and resolved queries pre-invoice via the Price Amendment Requests on the Pallet-Track Web System. Electronic Customer Paperwork process (E-Doc) is a fully automated, digital customer paperwork solution designed to remove the pressures associated with manual document sorting throughout the Network.

United Pallet Network (UPN) has announced DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY as its “route to success” in 2022. DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY has been introduced this year by UPN to further energise a strong team ethic nationally and regionally to help the leading UK Pallet Network to drive its business forward. Both UPN management and UPN member partners are signing up to a joint qualitative and quantitative Partnership Charter Commitment within which everyone is accountable nationally and regionally to DRIVE SERVICE QUALITY.

With this year’s theme for International Women’s Day focusing on #Breaking the Bias, Palletline London’s Louise Farren is proudly waving the flag for women in logistics. Having initially begun her journey as a customer service agent, Louise quickly learned the ropes of her new role by helping to cater for customer queries, visiting customers and dealing with any issues that may have arisen whilst customers were out on the road.

Appointed in 2019 as Customer Service Manager at the age of just 25, Louise now proudly leads a team of 12, including five customer service agents, in helping to provide a best-in-class service to the company’s extensive customer portfolio.

With the industry growing, it is refreshing to see there is still such a strong focus on health and safety.

George Simpson

Features Editor


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