UK e-commerce sales continue to rise. In 2021 they accounted for over 19 percent of total retail sales. As a result, online retailers face increasing pressure to manage high order volumes, often with same day or next day delivery schedules. Automation in the supply chain has become essential, therefore, to speed up and streamline processing whilst reducing future costs.

One of the most popular ways to increase throughput and combat shrinking order deadlines is to invest in an automated sortation solution. Due to their high performance and reliability, sortation systems are now used extensively by many different industries including fashion, food and home goods.

There are a number of designs of sorters on the market, but one of the most versatile and efficient options is the sliding shoe sorter. As the only UK company to manufacture sliding shoe sortation systems, Axiom GB has seen an influx of orders for its recently launched MSS Sliding Shoe Sorter.

Accurate and reliable sortation

Designed and built using the latest technology at the company’s Tamworth headquarters, the powerful MSS Sliding Shoe Sorter is the culmination of several years’ design and development work by the Axiom engineers.

The sorter combines high throughput speeds with low running costs. This has made it a competitive sorter that is ideal for a diverse range of products; it is capable of handling parcels, totes, cartons, books, CDs/DVDs, polybagged items and jiffy bags. The cell control automatically controls the optimum number of shoes for the length of the product being diverted.

Featuring a compact footprint based on a 3” slat and shoe with either 200 or 300 divert angles and single- or double-sided sorting means the MSS Sorter can achieve high sorting speeds of more than 10,000 diverse items per hour with lower linear speeds. Although this is a high-speed sorter it maintains gentle control over goods, maintaining product orientation.

MSS Sorter – a cost effective option

Totally British designed and manufactured, the construction of the MSS Sorter is around a rigid frame, bespoke aluminium profile slats, 3D printed and injection moulded components. This makes the new sorter a cost-effective option. It is also very economical in operation with a highly efficient gear unit, so the overall power required to activate the sorter is extremely low, especially as no compressed air is used.

The MSS Shoe Sorter represents the very best of Axiom quality, accuracy and reliability. It also marks a milestone for Axiom. For the first time the company has a sorter that can be offered as part of a complete cell supplied by Axiom or as a stand-alone piece of equipment as part of a third party integrators system.

Why buy British?

There are many economic, social, and environmental advantages to buying your automation solution from a UK based company. Partnering with a materials handling supplier like Axiom GB means you not only enjoy the benefits of buying British, but you also reap the rewards of using one of the leading suppliers of pick, pack, sortation, and dispatch solutions.

Purchasing British made automation is a more sustainable option and controlling the entire project from beginning to end in the UK puts the reins firmly into your hands. Naturally, it makes life easier for you if your chosen supplier is located within easy reach of the proposed facility. This means that at each stage of the project, from design through to manufacture and installation you can have regular face to face meetings on site to keep the project on track.

There is no substitute for observing a system in action and the management at Axiom has always been keen to arrange for new customers to visit a comparable UK system they have previously installed. This enables you to speak directly to a current customer to understand their working relationship with Axiom.

UK based after sales service

A home-based support and maintenance service has obvious benefits. If you encounter a problem solving it with a UK team is simpler, quicker and less costly than using an overseas equivalent.

Resolving issues rapidly is essential to avoid unnecessary downtime, saving you both time and money.

Contact a local automation expert

Having worked in the automation market for over 20 years, Julian Tarratt is the newest member of Axiom’s management team. As the company’s Sales Engineer his role is to engage with existing and prospective customers to understand their unique requirements and the key issues they are looking to solve.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific project, give Julian a ring on 01827 61212.

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