Demand for strong warehouse flooring is at an all time high. There are various reasons for this, one of which is the growth of the e-commerce market, which has resulted in an increased number of returned items. There has also been a rise in the volume of heavy automated equipment used in warehouses.

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Warehouses are busy environments and daily traffic from forklifts and pallet trucks, heavy loads being moved around, weighty racking systems and general wear and tear can all adversely affect the state of the concrete flooring. Badly maintained or damaged flooring looks unsightly, and it can contribute to poor productivity, increase housekeeping costs, lead to unnecessary vehicle repairs and present a safety risk to those using the warehouse. A concrete floor needs ongoing maintenance, and if damage or deterioration does occur, it should be repaired as soon as possible, according to Scott Saunders, Senior Technical Sales Advisor, Watco.

CG Flooring Systems surveyed the floor of its client, a leading global freight forwarder, who wanted to install an AutoStore system, which requires a flat floor with a very tight flatness specification. The results of the flatness survey indicated that the floor did not comply with the specification. After reviewing the results, CG determined that grinding was the most appropriate solution to bring the floor within compliance for AutoStore.

Twintec is renowned worldwide for its expertise in the design and construction of industrial concrete floor slabs personalised to meet a client’s specific operational needs. It is the leading specialist concrete flooring contractor for environmental sustainability demonstrating significant reductions in embodied carbon within the floor slab. In addition Twintec Services & Renovation (TSR) offer a service for investigation, maintenance and where required adaptation, renovation or replacement of existing concrete floor slabs.

Installing a mezzanine floor is a great way to create space but which type of mezzanine should you choose, asks Geoff Green, UK Sales Director for MiTek Mezzanine Systems. There are several options: a pre-cast concrete structure with a concrete topping; a steel frame and metal deck with a concrete topping; or a steel frame with a timber deck. The all-concrete option is more common in mainland Europe (due to more stringent fire regulations), while the other two are more popular in the UK.

It is encouraging to see the volume of warehouse flooring being introduced, helping to keep logistics moving.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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