Jason Lynock, Sales Director, Smart-Space: The beauty of an independent business is the ability to react really swiftly to market demands. Smart-Space is a family business that has grown steadily and significantly over recent years so it has all the skills and expertise in place to be able to respond swiftly but with the backing of experience to be able to be really creative. Investment in its people has led to a growing knowledge base that covers high standards in faultless compliance, solution design and installation services.

Instant buildings are a real alternative to traditional bricks and mortar units. The team at Smart-Space has noticed that the requests for buildings are becoming more varied and with increasingly different uses. “We have just built a tiny building that is purely used as a charging station for a customer’s electric forklift trucks” explained Jason Lynock, the company’s sales director. “For another customer we have converted a loading bay so it’s partially blocked off for use as a weather-proof, temporary storage solution. We really enjoy all the ways our buildings are being interpreted by customers.”

Smart-Space is very keen to continue to innovate. It introduced a new style of building a couple of years ago – the Maxi-Space – which provides an expansive area with up to 60m of uninterrupted space; no uprights or supports which leaves a vast area available for flexible use. “The space is amazing and our customers are blown away by the potential for them. We’ve installed them for storage and, even in one specific case, we built one for a school, full of classrooms and a sports hall. It’s the open space that is really attractive, along with the speed of the build and the comparative build costs of course.”

Complementing Smart-Space’s range of buildings is a hire and purchase flexibility that is also popular. Working with the customer business model, agreements are created according to need but can also be changed as required. “We don’t believe in tying people down to a long-term rental if they decide to off-hire part way through, or indeed customers can opt to buy the building off us as the hire period continues. No one is completely sure of the future so we work honestly and transparently to make sure everyone is happy. That’s we way we get repeat business because we do it well!” finished Jason.

From a small charging unit to an enormous warehouse (and everything in between), Smart-Space can provide a building for most needs – and, even when it’s a tricky space or a brand new type of requirement, the team loves the challenge!


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