There is an increased demand in the healthcare sector attributable to COVID-19 and the transition period after Brexit. Items such as emergency PPE, healthcare products, regularly scheduled shipments seem to be in high demand. A lot of distributors and manufacturers are feeling the increased pressure and expectations to continue with their operations effectively as they reduce costs.

Well, this is the right time to analyze your medical logistics? Can it benefit the modernized supply chain solutions? Can it allow the process to achieve more long-term results with fewer resources? Can it make it easier for the product to reach the consumers faster than it is available currently? If you are looking to improve your systems, you need to have a solid logistics foundation that is timely, reliable and safe to ensure the proper delivery of healthcare products.

Logistics is the most important part of healthcare supply chain management. You need to have end-to-end healthcare logistics that can help with regular responsibilities such as online ordering, delivery, picking and packing. It will also help confidentiality and fulfillment transparency. You can always rest assured that your products will reach everyone that needs them on time, every time. Here are the top benefits that healthcare organizations can enjoy when they choose a third-party logistics company.

  1. Better Visibility

Optimizing operations when there is a lot of uncertainty can be quite hectic. There are too many segments to control at every one point. However, thanks to technology, there are a lot of changes in the healthcare logistics sector. You should have a seamless process that guarantees complete visibility of your supply chain to streamline your process and manage any unnecessary costs. Increased visibility also gives more benefits to the customers together with innovative features such as scanning and routing. Your customers should be able to track their orders and delivery process.

  1. Reliable Deadlines

With reliable delivery of healthcare products, a lot of lives will be saved. Since most of these products are important, they should be delivered to meet exact deadlines. With a supply chain that is efficiently managed, it’s easier to communicate reliably and ensure everything reaches the customer on time without extra costs. When using technology to automate the processes, you can also tackle potential issues affecting data collection, ordering, picking and packing. As such it will ensure accuracy and efficiency across the board.

  1. Inventory Tracking

It’s quite common to come across inventory excesses or shortages since the industry is quite unpredictable. The same has been caused by the COVID pandemic and the Brexit requirements for a minimum of 6 weeks of pharmaceutical stocks. It will be harder to meet patient stock and demand levels as required as you meet the various lead times. Don’t forget about the restrictions on imported predicted after the end of the transition period after Brexit.

Thanks to warehouse management technology, you can easily track the inventory available and what needs to be supplied. With this level of transparency regarding the stock levels, you can easily avoid excess costs that come from incorrect inventory numbers or delays. Warehousing should also help avoid lost, wasted or expired supplies.

  1. End To End Solutions

The best logistics company will manage the whole supply chain end-to-end such as fulfilling customers’ orders, picking and packing products as well as reliable delivery. They will provide the best solutions while adhering to the required guidelines. You can count on the utmost transparency of the processes to ensure the best healthcare services to your consumers.


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