Cold stores are an essential part of the modern logistics chain – but they are also expensive to run, and challenging to operate in.

Sub-zero temperatures can affect your forklifts’ battery capacity, electronics and mechanics, and the high storage density of cold stores can negatively impact throughput and efficiency.

Fortunately, with the right equipment and planning, it’s possible to operate forklifts smoothly in environments as tough as these. UniCarriers has extensive experience in this sector, and a range of modifications to optimise truck performance in cold stores — meaning you can focus on the job, instead of worrying about your equipment and staff.

Equipment which can stand the cold

All our electric trucks are readily available as cold store variants – even at temperatures down to -35°C, UniCarriers trucks can operate smoothly with some modifications.

The rest of the UniCarriers 360° service can further contribute to the smooth operation of your cold store trucks — service, training, fleet information and logistics analysis can all increase uptime and boost efficiency in these challenging environments.

A reliable cold store partner

UniCarriers has been supplying trucks into the UK’s frozen sector for over 50 years, giving us great experience in this difficult area of materials handling. We’re also members of both the Cold Chain Federation and the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF). Our electric warehouse trucks are available in cold store variants – from pallet trucks and stackers, all the way up to reach trucks and VNA (very narrow aisle) machines. Across the country, we work closely with cold store operators to help them anticipate and overcome the problems which come with materials handling in sub-zero temperatures.

Helping your business prosper

Cold stores are often multi-shift, high-demand, multi-site operations – which naturally have much higher running costs than conventional warehouses. Fortunately, we can bring costs down and make these challenges easier to deal with – not only with equipment, but a range of material handling solutions:

•Service support and coverage that maximises uptime

•Account management that reports KPIs and supports strategy

•Cost control strategies

•Contract suitability to meet business demands

•Relevant fleet management equipment

We’re active and growing in the temperature-controlled sector – so our knowledge and experience in this challenging area will keep increasing. To find out more call us now on 01844 215501 or visit


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