Rubb Buildings has been designing, manufacturing, and installing buildings for over 40 years, delivering many high-quality storage solutions to customers around the world.

Our high-quality membrane materials and post-production galvanized welded frames deliver durability over time, making the cost of maintaining Rubb storage warehouses more economical compared to conventional structures.

The Rubb system provides a well-engineered galvanized steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover, using world-leading Ferrari fabrics, tensioned over the frame to provide a tight-fitting shell. Rubb structures are available in single spans of 10 metres to more than 100 metres by any length.

Rubb buildings have a quick and cost-effective assembly, even in remote areas, they are easy to fumigate and clean, and have low maintenance costs compared to conventional buildings.

Rubb’s fabric buildings have many advantages due to their galvanized steel frames and PVC covers, in addition to their modular design, including Rubb’s innovative patented Thermohall® insulation, making our structures the ideal solution for cold storage facilities.

Grøntvedt Pelagic, one of Norway’s leading producers of herring, chose Rubb as the supplier for their warehouse at Ørland in Sør Trøndelag. Rubb delivered an FXG 30m x 108m x 5m hall, insulated with 150 mm Glava pro 34 insulation. The facility was divided into two areas with a partition and used for maturing and storage of barrels of herring prior to export.

Grøntvedt then expanded its cold storage capacity further with an additional FXG 30m x 152m x 5m Thermohall® with the same insulation thickness, and two partitions inside. The partitions are all supplied with 100mm insulation.

The company then decided to expand further with a third structure, measuring 30m x 200m x 5m, and connects to the original structures.

This facility includes three Thermowall partitions, creating four temperature zones. The latest building is used to produce and repackage products, which requires a larger amount of space.

The buildings are energy efficient, with a quick construction time, and are perfect for cold storage.

Alexander Grøntvedt, production manager of Grøntvedt Pelagic, commented that “The halls are excellent for our needs and are of a quality we know we will benefit from for a long time.” He went on to say, “They keep the required temperature consistently, even on hot summer days.”

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