A new digital app from the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) for users of MEWPs is a “game-changer” for site safety and efficiency and marks a stride forward in IPAF’s drive for greater sector sustainability.

Peter Douglas

IPAF’s ePAL is free to use and will feature a digital IPAF PAL Card, operator logbook and operator safety guides. It allows operators to receive the latest safety information and allows workforce supervisors to quickly and easily verify an operative’s qualifications, as well as for the operator to log and share equipment time.

Peter Douglas, IPAF CEO & MD, comments: “ePAL allows us to streamline and digitise our processes, including issuing and renewing IPAF PAL Cards and helping operators keep track of their machine operating experience via a digital logbook. Users can also log incidents and near-misses on www.ipafaccidentreporting.org direct from the app.”

To find out more about the new IPAF ePAL mobile app, see www.ipaf.org/ePAL; the app is available free for Apple iOS and Android through Google Play.

VR and eLearning extend options to renew training

New ways to renew or extend MEWP operator training have been made available by IPAF, giving operators renewing their PAL Card or taking their advanced operator PAL+ training further options to use virtual reality simulators and eLearning.

IPAF’s network of Training Centres can supplement the way they offer the IPAF MEWP Operator Renewal Training and IPAF PAL+ Advanced Operator courses using VR sims and eLearning. Candidates can choose to take their theory test in either eLearning or instructor-led virtual sessions, in addition to the usual classroom-based module. Training Centres can also offer renewal practical modules in addition to the existing PAL+ Advanced Course using a VR sim.

Paul Roddis, IPAF Training Manager, says: “While the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we are still seeing increased demand for eLearning, as well as instructor-led remote classrooms. We have worked closely with our members, including Serious Labs, to road-test IPAF PAL+ and now the Operator Renewal Course over the past two years and we’re confident that, for experienced MEWP operators looking to refresh or extend training, a VR sim is as good as a real machine.

“Operators are still able to renew or extend their IPAF training using real MEWPs, and those seeking to qualify for their first IPAF PAL Card will be required to successfully complete their practical element and assessment using a real MEWP.”

Visit www.ipaf.org/training for information about IPAF training.


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