Battery specialist Triathlon steps forward with revolutionary rental package to help businesses overcome forklift lead-time crisis.

With lead times for new forklifts and warehouse equipment lengthening, leading battery specialist Triathlon has stepped forward with an exceptional new rental package.

“We are working with hard-pressed businesses to help them cope with shortages and delays by creating a package of batteries, chargers and battery changing systems that is quite unlike anything the industry has seen before to help bridge the gap when renewing MHE equipment,” explains Tom Burgess, Managing Director at Triathlon Batteries.

“There are also a number of different factors that are making life difficult for owners and operators of forklifts but high on the list is the urgent need to maximise throughput while keeping a tight rein on costs. Renting an additional battery can deliver that by extending or opening up extra shifts – at far less cost than renting or buying an extra truck.

“It can also enable users of forklifts to negotiate uncertain times as it saves them committing to additional plant that they no longer need or may prove unfit for purpose as circumstances change. Renting an additional battery allows them to sweat an existing asset whilst also keeping their options open.”

All-embracing range

So what’s different about the Triathlon offering that is attracting so many new customers?

According to Tom: “Customers can rent everything from conventional lead acid batteries and new generation high energy density batteries such as Quasar, right up to lithium-ion batteries. I don’t believe anyone else can match that.”

Indeed, because of the flexibility of its packages, Triathlon is also assisting customers to implement highly effective evaluation strategies.

“We are working with companies transitioning into new and larger premises who may not be able to predict with absolute certainty how many trucks they will need and, importantly, what type of battery will best suit the application,” continues Tom. “By renting the batteries – which account for a major part of the cost – they can explore different options and then make an informed choice.”

Supporting business in the switch from diesel to electric

Another area where Triathlon is seeing significant growth is among customers who have made the switch from diesel to electric and may have been caught out by the need for additional batteries to achieve the throughput they need.

“Sometimes customers overlook the fact that changing the batteries will require ancillary equipment such as roller beds, lifting beams or battery tuggers,” says Tom. “These too have quite long lead times – typically 12 weeks or more. We can help resolve that short-term issue by renting the battery changing equipment customers need to keep them fully operational.

“On the rental side, much of what we do is last minute. We are routinely called upon to help resolve crises that have arisen from an oversight or dramatic change in circumstances. We are able to deliver because of the size of our operation and the exceptional scope of the kit we can provide.”

For more information about battery purchase and rental visit or call 0161 8480094.


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