As businesses in the cold chain have battled through crisis after crisis in 2021, the Cold Chain Federation has provided up to the minute information, support and analysis for members. Our crisis response virtual roundtables have unfortunately been needed repeatedly and our exclusive capacity reports are providing crucial insight to help those involved navigate this difficult period. On all the cold chain’s urgent issues from post-Brexit customs changes and the ‘pingdemic’ to the ongoing workforce shortage, we are taking constructive solutions to Government. Liaising with other trade associations on shared priorities has been important but we ensure the cold chain voice is heard in its own right too.

Shane Brennan
Chief Executive at Cold Chain Federation

This crisis support work, however, has not been at the expense of the Cold Chain Federation’s action for the future. We are arguing for post Brexit, post pandemic policies which will support rather than restrict the cold chain’s recovery and growth. We take a constructive approach but we are challenging Government when it’s needed, for example on its failure to provide promised direct support for transitioning away from red diesel for vehicle refrigeration.

The advice we offer to Cold Chain Federation members has gone from strength to strength, and 2021 has seen the publication of our comprehensive new guide to ensuring food safety in the cold chain as well as regular online seminars with experts in a wide range of fields including energy efficiency, recruitment, health and safety, cold chain capacity and supply chain evolution. In 2022 we will build on this with new publications on food safety, health and safety and energy efficiency in the cold chain, as well as discussion at the Cold Chain Live! conference on 7-8 September 2022 and at our regular in-person and online events throughout the year.

Progress on the cold chain’s Net Zero challenges and opportunities remains crucial. This autumn we published our latest Net Zero Cold Chain report, setting out how collaboration between manufacturers, cold chain businesses and Government can turn diesel-free refrigeration on vehicles into reality. In 2022 we look forward to working with Cold Chain Federation members to develop the next in this series, detailing the cold store of the future.

Looking to 2022, a return to ‘normal’ is not realistic and next year will be about reshaping the food supply chain. This will be particularly challenging in the context of another crunch period for Brexit and we will provide information, analysis, community and support at every opportunity along the way.


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