Trust and an established reputation to provide consistently superior solutions are highly coveted qualities that every business wants to lay claim to. Both are earned over a period of time and go hand-in-hand with a long history of successful projects and installations to back up that standing.

In our case, many of our well-known storage brands have been around for decades. Trust and reputation are part of our culture, deeply rooted in our values and our way of working.

At Whittan (, we are leaders in storage products and solutions. We have industry-wide recognition of our manufacturing standards; pages of testimonials and referrals, and long-standing clients that have told us why they trust our products. With heritage brands such as Link51, we actually wrote history, having created the original slotted steel angle. This was the foundation for the innovative tensioning plate design, which provided a stable and highly configurable storage system.

70 years on, we are still here and we have not stopped innovating. Throughout the decades, we have supported business and industry across sectors with our storage products and solutions. Many of our brands, including Link51, Apex and Polypal UK, are ubiquitous in their sectors and markets. Our brands have been refreshed over time and the products have kept pace with the changes in demand and adaptation of storage and space. However, fundamentally we have remained true to our mission – a UK-based manufacturing business providing quality products and solutions to the storage and logistics industry.

Trust in Whittan Brands

Trust is important for decision-making. It creates peace of mind through confidence in the chosen solutions. We know that once we have your trust, you expect our product quality and solutions to be as good as we say they are. That is what our reputation is built on.

We’re best known for our wide range of lockers, shelving and adjustable pallet racking solutions which we manufacture in the UK and supply for a multitude of applications and specifications.

Our trusted brands include Link51 and Apex, providing design, manufacture and installation of racking and shelving products; HiStore, for mezzanine floors; market-leading display and storage solutions for retail sectors from Polypal UK and an extensive range of lockers and workplace products from Probe and LinkLockers. Storage Direct (, the online retail destination for UK-manufactured storage products and solutions, stocks products for warehouse, industrial, office, retail and home environments.

Maintaining A Reputation

Over the years, our products have been described as “robust and hard-wearing”, “flexible”, “versatile” and ”cost-efficient”. It is easy to see why – Link51 products and solutions have been supporting storage in Britain since 1951.

As a warehouse customer remarked, “The sheer dependability of Whittan products is a story in itself.” Our long-standing customers will agree. When they require more storage space or better use of their existing space, they simply ask us to help them reconfigure their installations or expand the space with additional storage solutions.

However, the trust in our products and solutions does not only rest on the reputation of heritage brands. It also stems from our commitment for quality in local manufacturing, sustainability and our move towards net-zero. All Whittan products are manufactured locally and we have an extensive UK-wide network where our experts are on hand to help with queries and handle simple to full turnkey environmentally-efficient installations. This is important as it means that we’re never far away from installation sites and you won’t need to worry about extra delays or disruptions to your timeline. It also means that we can cut down on carbon emissions.

Trusted Brands Under One Roof

Earlier this year, we launched an exciting group-wide rebrand with a new look and website. The new brand consolidates all the Whittan storage brands, products and solutions within one unified approach to provide extended capabilities in storage.

As Stephen Pickering, Whittan Group Head of Marketing, said, “It’s important to us that the trust we have earned over the decades is not lost. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our refreshed brand embodies our values: integrity, accountability, collaboration, honesty and innovative solutions. They are visible in all our brands. They shape our purpose and outline how we approach our customers, our business and our relationships. And they are reflected in all our dealings – with our people, on our new website, and in all our communications, making sure that we are as accessible as possible.”

At Whittan, our trusted brands bring the power of storage to your business. The backbone for many of the UK’s leading and household brands and organisations, our storage solutions are present across warehouses, stores, offices and organisations across industries and sectors – from creating the space to store priceless artifacts for museums; storing defence equipment on board a Royal Navy submarine, to housing 13.5 million litres of Macallan single malt, protecting Stella McCartney’s couture archives, providing secure storage lockers for offices, schools and gyms, or storing decades of film reel for the BFI.

So, whatever your unique storage requirements, we make your space work harder for you by ensuring you have the most innovative, flexible and future-proofed storage solution in place for your exact needs. Feel free to call us – our storage specialists are here to help.

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