The coming months will be challenging for the food supply chain as rapid escalating energy prices add to the continuing shortage of labour availability, new Brexit import checks and Covid related absences in key roles. For the cold chain, future resilience must be about people, about systems and about investments. But it is also absolutely dependent on progress towards net zero. The Cold Chain Federation is working with its members and other specialists to explore the opportunities and challenges and to identify a realistic pathway to a net zero UK cold chain. As well as improving the energy efficiency of cold stores, the cold chain will need to minimise emissions from temperature-controlled vehicles.

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NewCold Advanced Cold Logistics strives to increase global food security by providing leading food companies with the most innovative cold storage and transportation services. Always striving to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and local communities, NewCold optimise existing and new innovative concepts in the cold chain to achieve the best for their customers and the industry at large. The company believes that the efficient usage of natural resources together with healthy local community and employee relations are key elements which lead to outstanding financial results and business prosperity.

Energia, the largest supplier of 100% Green Energy in Ireland, recently hosted their bi-annual awards ceremony virtually, with 19 awards being presented to Irish family businesses. Combilift are honoured to have been recognised as the overall winner of the Energia Family Business of the Year 2021. The awards celebrate generations of families who work together and this year’s ceremony focussed on honouring businesses who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and resilience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic while continuing to thrive and grow.

BID Group installs doors tailor-made to meet the site requirements and the environment the door will operate in. The firm’s full range of High Speed Doors ensure a cost effective and energy efficient solution, whilst ensuring a clean, safe and secure environment. The Klimate K2 Freezer Door is a versatile, heavy duty, robust door that is designed to meet the rigorous demand of working in a freezer environment, making it ideal for temperature controlled premises such as those in the food and medical industries.

Kite Packaging’s water ice packs cut microplastics out of chilled packaging as they contain purely water, one of the cleanest and greenest resources there is. This can be disposed of easily without causing any harm to the environment while the standard of temperature control is very similar to the gel counterpart. Both varieties have an optimal operating temperature of -20C to -30C to keep the surrounding produce fresh even during overnight shipments.

We have every confidence the industry will find the way to a net zero UK cold chain.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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