A new lightweight, cost-effective and sustainable storage solution is enabling Warehouse Partners, the leading supplier of labelling and warehouse solutions, to target new business more effectively.

PALLITE® PIX® is a range of flexible, lightweight and durable storage systems, specially designed to consolidate pick locations. By using the between-pallet space, the versatile system enables operators to maximise the available space they have in their warehouse, helping them store more product and improve their pick efficiency.

The system incorporates easy-to-fit interchangeable dividers that can be designed around a specific product. Pick positions are available in 12, 16 or 32-compartment configurations, helping to reduce pick times and walk sequences, and accompanied by suitable identification labels, the system enables operators to easily locate product.

The durable honeycomb construction walls and reinforced edges help to protect stock from damage and pickers from injury, while each PALLITE® PIX® storage unit can hold up to 500kg of product. Despite the lightweight nature of the product, it is strong enough to be moved by a forklift, even when full.

To support the sustainability requirements of the modern warehouse, the PALLITE® PIX® product is also 100% recyclable and made from responsibly sourced materials.

Chris Hopkirk, Sales Director, Warehouse Partners said: “PALLITE® PIX® is a sustainable and cost-effective solution to improving the efficiency of most picking operations. Suppliers specifying the PALLITE® PIX® system to their customers have reported positive results, with several placing repeat orders based on the strong performance of the product.”

Warehouse Partners’ distributor Quickline had been working with manufacturer, distributor, and recycler of uPVC windows, doors, conservatories and roofline products, Eurocell on fitting out its new national distribution centre.

As part of the installation, Eurocell was looking to optimise its picking operation and needed an effective solution. It installed the system at its new DC and as a result, the PALLITE® PIX® solution has helped to revolutionise Eurocell’s picking operation, in turn, optimising the efficiency of the new warehouse and futureproofing the facility for continued growth.

Tim Robins, Contract Project Manager at Eurocell, said: “We were delighted with Warehouse Partners’ recommendation of PALLITE® PIX®. The system has helped to overhaul our picking operation and improve the productivity of our new warehouse no end.”

The PALLITE® PIX® solution has now been expanded with the introduction of SLOTS, an even lighter-weight, lower-cost version of the original system. The SLOTS range is made using a combination of 25mm and 15mm innovative paper board, with the same honeycomb cell technology used in all the PALLITE® products. This means PIX® SLOTS pick-faces are strong enough to hold and organise smaller components, and durable enough to withstand day-to-day use in busy warehouses, especially where corrugate pick bins are not strong enough.

For more details on the PALLITE® PIX® solution, visit www.warehouse-partners.co.uk

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