Sadlers, specialist suppliers of used and surplus cardboard boxes, has seen a surge in interest from exasperated packaging buyers aiming to avoid further price rises in recent weeks. Already squeezed by sharp increases and longer lead times throughout 2021, companies are looking to once-used boxes as an attractive alternative.

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Are these the cheapest cardboard boxes in the UK?

Sadlers recently introduced some of the cheapest boxes in the UK; a new 4 pence single wall box for packing and shipping small products. This box has been popular in fulfilment for industries like hardware, spares, general wholesalers and cosmetics. Their selection of cheap boxes has since increased to meet demand. In addition, the entire range of used boxes offers incredibly low prices in comparison to their brand new equivalents without compromising on quality or service. Stocks include a wide range of sizes and grades: the largest stocks of used boxes in the country.

A sustainable, award-winning solution in the packaging sector

As well as the cost benefits, used and redundant boxes introduce a new element of sustainability into the supply chain. This enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint by preventing the unnecessary manufacture of new boxes. The Sadlers cardboard box reuse initiative extends the life of each box, reducing significant volumes of waste. In fact, when a used box is diverted to reuse by Sadlers it is no longer classified as waste. Box manufacturing still has its place, but reuse extends the life of each box; a circular solution that provides cost benefits in the process. Sadlers are passionate about building a circular economy and are proud to have been recognised with a Zero Waste Award and an Award for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management this year.

The risks of buying brand new boxes in the run-up to Christmas

Packaging buyers run the risk of being boxed in by high prices, with logistical problems adding to the woes as the season gets busier. There is a strong likelihood of another board shortage in the run up to Christmas. Earlier this year, lead times went out to 12 weeks for some manufacturers and the market is already seeing worrying signs of extended lead times. Mitigating problems before they become a crisis is essential, and switching to used and surplus boxes is a strategy that could pay off for the long term.

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