In spite of the high-street opening up, consumers are sticking to the relative ease and safety that ecommerce offers. This, combined with the chaos in global supply chains, has put pressure on warehousing more than at any other time we can remember.

The availability of high-quality warehouse space is diminishing fast. The very little that is still unoccupied is either under offer or it’s of the wrong specification for potential buyers and tenants. With the intense competition for prime facilities showing no signs of cooling down, it could be worth considering a short-term, customised solution as part of a long-term growth plan.

CopriSystems are able to adapt quickly to build temporary or permanent buildings that are fully bespoke to cope with increased stock flow and complex logistics as well as allow for future progression. This is not a poor-man’s solution and neither does it compromise on quality! CopriSystems’ buildings are durable and come with a 10-year guarantee as standard, although many are still standing strong after 20. Built using robust, corrosion-free, galvanised steel frames, they are engineered to last and offer complete protection from arduous marine conditions, including heavy wind and snow loadings.

With so much uncertainty in the industry, it appears that many small to medium-sized businesses are only looking a few months ahead and don’t have the money to commit to a lengthy rental period or the certainty that they can fix themselves to one specific location. A prefabricated building from CopriSystems could therefore be the best way for them to buy some breathing space while they look for new premises or continue operating while new technology and procedures are introduced to their existing warehouse.

For The Dash Group, who provide logistics services to businesses around the country, it was clear they needed additional facilities to fulfil their business obligations and keep up with customer expectations. Rather than renting or building conventional space, a temporary, bespoke distribution warehouse, measuring 25m wide x 7m long x 4.8m high, was considered the best, most cost-effective solution, enabling them to make critical changes quickly without compromising day-to-day business.

Timing and flexibility are certainly critical, but CopriSystems’ structures can be deployed quickly and relocated easily. Canopies can typically be designed to integrate with existing structures, erected on a concrete base, fully functional and operational within 8 weeks of ordering. Manufactured off-site to avoid any disruption to daily operations, they can also be modular to enable an expansion or reduction in size at any time.

For organisations looking to build resilience and flexibility into their logistics management plan, a prefabricated warehouse could be the best tactical solution for now. It is a more affordable and viable alternative to the escalating property rents and cumbersome planning system within the property market. It has also proven to be effective time and time again, no matter what circumstances threaten to destabilise our supply chains.


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