The last 18 months has seen significant change in the workplace, from ever-evolving safety measures to higher expectations from your staff when it comes to hygiene provision.  

As we head into the winter cold and flu season and with pressures already on the supply chain, keeping your team safe and healthy by providing more visible, better quality hand hygiene solutions is a must.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products – a leading manufacturer in hand hygiene solutions – give their top tips for taking control in your facility this winter:

Be visible to encourage use

The days of hand hygiene solutions being discretely confined to the washroom are over and sanitising hands regularly is a must for preventing the spread of germs. To be effective, your hand hygiene provision should be visible and easily accessible for everyone.

Installing sanitising stations throughout your facility is a must, but to make sure they stand out, even in the most dynamic environments, make sure you have the right solution for each location. Whether it’s free-standing, wall-mounted or pump top, placing the right solution in the right place will help encourage use, build confidence and improve safety.

Choose performance day in, day out

More frequent use of hand hygiene products may be good for stopping the spread of germs, but it also puts pressure on your solutions and adds to your costs. Choosing durable products can withstand frequent use over a long period of time is essential: you know they’ll perform day in day out and you won’t need to pay to replace them as often.

No touch, no compromise

Your drivers, packers, operatives, engineers and managers – they’re in the 92% of people* who prefer touch-free hand hygiene dispensers, because they can use them with reduced risk of picking up germs.

You can give them the confidence they need by coupling high quality, durable and dependable touch-free hand hygiene dispensers with hand sanitisers that kill 99.99% of germs.

Get serious about sustainability 

Your employees and customers want to see evidence that you’re taking sustainability seriously. As well as choosing durable products that last longer and reduce waste, you can choose innovative products that are better for the environment like our battery-free LumeCel™ dispenser, which is powered by the light in your facility, eliminating the need to manufacture, use and dispose of alkaline batteries, a clear demonstration that you take sustainability seriously.

Why choose RCP?

In your busy workplace, you need tougher, longer lasting hand hygiene solutions that never let you down. It’s why we look closer at creating durable solutions that come with a lifetime warranty, with touch-free and manual dispensers which can be used frequently without disrupting your employees’ speed and productivity.

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*Preferred to manual pump dispensers, based on 415 RCP Facebook survey responses

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