Christmas is fast approaching. Although the shops are open following the easing of the COVID lockdown restrictions, many people continue to choose to buy online and the materials handling sector expects another strong digital shopping period.

With this expected increase in inbound and outbound goods, the recommended approach is to revisit stores or warehouse layouts to accommodate extra shelving and extra stock. This means planning ahead to ensure there is enough stock in supply to satisfy the anticipated rush, despite the disruptions in deliveries.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of storage and shelving systems, we expand the capabilities of your space with storage. Our products are installed in all sectors and industries and our comprehensive range of storage solutions continue to meet the demand for flexible, rigorous and effective storage management.

We recently spoke to some of our customers who are adapting their available space with additional shelving to create that necessary extra storage. From retail to offices, stores and warehousing, our products have expanded their capabilities with much-need storage.

Some of our most popular shelving products ideal for expanding storage include Longspan shelving, ideal for storage areas stocking large boxes of products. Our Whittan Apex and Link51 Longspan shelving or widespan racking are designed for hand-loaded storage of heavy, large or awkward items, perfect for businesses where product holding changes regularly. A beam system that fastens securely onto uprights, it has wider aperture bays that can be tailored to fit exactly within your storage requirements. Add-on accessories are based on a modular design and allow for simple amendments or future system relocation. The storage system can also be designed as a multi-tier structure and can be used in collaboration with mobile systems.

As Nick Thompson, National Sales Manager at The Whittan Group said, “A number of companies like to pick products out of a box rather than decanting and picking individual products off shelves. In this case, Longspan shelving is a popular solution as it incorporates large runs to hold large boxes that are full of products.”

Nick continued, “At Whittan, we can easily offer additional shelving if you need that extra storage. We can also group different types of shelving together depending on best practise and use things like dividers for smaller picks. Our work fits seamlessly with different industry sectors requirements. Customers who already have our products installed will find that we have a great range of accessories available.”

•For those in e-commerce fulfilment, Link51 has everything you will need to expand your storage capabilities, improve your inventory control and increase the speed of put away and pick processes.

•Shelving with SKU numbers help to differentiate products easily. This can be very useful when you’re busier than usual and have more inbound and outbound products.

•With high-end retailers, we know they like to display designer and expensive garments, so we have garment-hanging accessories from Euro Shelving precisely for that retail environment.

•For the general clothing and fashion retailer, Link51 Stormor Shelving also allows for different sized products to be placed next to each other using part-height shelf dividers. This means that if you have a broad range and variety of products, for example, t-shirts and toy cars, they can still be stored next to each other using these dividers.

•Our replenishment trollies are perfect for efficiently storing and restocking in a retail environment. Designed for safe mobility on the shop floor it is ideal for point-of-sale changeovers, price change ticketing and efficient re-stocking of loose items.

•Mobile shelving systems, also known as roller racking systems or mobile racking systems maximise storage capacity and free up valuable working space. They can increase your storage capacity by 70% when compared to conventional static options.

•Lockable storage is ideal for valuable items. They are easy to assemble and will help to cope with temporary staff that you might need to bring in during busy periods.

It is never too early to start planning, this year more than ever. As Nick stressed, “Start thinking now about adapting your space to be prepared for those seasonal peaks such as the Cyber Sales week, Black Friday and the Christmas period. More work means more people in your operations and more product moving in and out of your stores!”

So, whether you’re looking to reorganise your storeroom or completely refit your warehouse, we can help. Call 01952 682251 or visit to speak to one of our experts today and start preparing for Christmas.

Planning to place an order later this year? Please be aware that our factories will be shut from 24th December until 3rd January 2022. Orders can still be placed during this time but will not be fulfilled until we re-open in January.

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