Every materials handling operation will face its own set of challenges. The latest Platform Pallet Trucks from Hyster Europe have been developed with this in mind.

Challenge: Keeping up with demand

To help operations optimise productivity, the new Hyster® Platform Pallet Truck can be specified with longer forks, to allow the transportation of two pallets per journey (or more, if handled crossways). A variety of fork lengths up to 2850 mm are available as well as a choice of two fork heights – 85mm and 75mm – which enables the efficient handling of both standard and low-profile disposable pallets.

Challenge: Transporting goods over long distances

Offering competitive travel speeds and a range of different driving modes, the new Hyster Platform Pallet Trucks help to support operational productivity. Exceptional manoeuvrability in the aisle further supports efficiency, and a choice of different wheels assist smooth travel across a wide variety of challenging surfaces.

Challenge: Employee retention

Keeping operators comfortable can support employee retention. The new Hyster Platform Pallet Truck is available in three different configurations which offer support, comfort, and convenience to the operator throughout a shift. A high load backrest, adjustable scooter control and adjustable tiller further support operators on selected models.

Challenge: Efficiency in small spaces

The Hyster P2.0-3.0S models with a foldable platform provide excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow aisle widths or congested areas.

For travel and transporting goods, operators can engage the ride-on operator mode, by folding out the platform. But when operation is required in narrow spaces, the operator can switch the pallet truck to pedestrian mode.

Challenge: Dark trailers

Pallet truck operators are often required to load or unload goods in dark trailers. A powerful light can be specified for the new Hyster Platform Pallet Truck series, which illuminates the load area. For fixed platform truck models, platform lights are an option to help make the trucks visible, even in dark environments. An assistive pedestrian awareness light is also available to help support awareness for trained operators, and those working around them.

Challenge: Efficient battery charging and management

In case lithium-ion batteries better suit the application, the new series is designed to be ‘lithium-ion ready’, with a controller that automatically recognises the chemistry of the battery.

Quick and easy battery charging for the lithium-ion Hyster Platform Pallet Truck helps to optimise uptime, with top and side battery charging options also available.

For further information, visit www.hyster.com.


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