The warehouse industry is busier than ever, which is a positive development, but that busyness increases the risk of accidents. To this end, the UK Material Handling Association is running a five week safety drive from October 4 to November 1. Week One picks up from the message previously promoted as part of National Forklift Safety Day about the importance of approved Thorough Examination and then subsequent weeks continue the safety theme with a focus on proper training, LOLER and PUWER legislation, the protection of engineers and technicians working on site, through to driver and pedestrian safety.

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One company taking safety seriously is ELOKON, a leading supplier of safety and automation technology and assistance systems for intralogistics. The mix of forklifts, AGVs and pedestrians in busy warehouses or production areas brings with it a number of risks, for personnel, equipment and the infrastructure, and ELOKON’s range of products is designed to minimise these, by preventing accidents and collisions. ELOKON’s solutions include the proximity detection system ELOshield, an innovative, UWB-based system designed to protect vehicles and personnel through the creation of individually configurable warning and protection zones around forklift trucks.

Interesting to hear that nearly a quarter of all Toyota electric-powered forklift trucks ordered for delivery in the UK now feature Lithium-Ion battery (LiB) technology. Lithium-ion batteries share of the electric forklift market is widely expected to proliferate significantly over the next five years with a report recently undertaken by India-based analysts, Research Dive, forecasting that the global Lithium-ion forklift battery market will be worth close to $1.4m by 2026. Growth in the Lithium-ion powered forklift market is being driven by a number of factors, not the least of which are the energy efficiency benefits and savings on fleet running costs that Lithium-ion offers.

Well done to Hyundai Material Handling which is kicking off the introduction of its new Stage V series with a full range of 9V models. The new portfolio represents a smart generation of diesel forklifts from 2.5 to 5 ton lifting capacity and is combining a robust and slick exterior design together with performance enhancing features. Furthermore, a heavy line range of diesel machines will be launched in the second half of 2021. Congratulations to Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high-performance forklift trucks, who have launched a new, highly versatile range of productivity enhancing electric reach trucks. Designed by a team of specialist engineers utilising customer feedback, the BR14JW 9-Series combines faster operating speeds with advanced ergonomics and greater driver comfort – making lighter work of heavy warehousing tasks. The new 9-Series electric reach trucks are available in six moving-mast models with capacities between 1,400 to 2,500 kg, and in three chassis types: Heavy, Narrow or Standard.

It is wonderful to see the industry innovating but as it does, let’s hope it always puts safety first.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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